...with Jacob Druckman’s “Aureole” (1979), a score rich in hazy mystery and textural allure, qualities that Keitaro Harada had no trouble coaxing from the orchestra.


12/24/2020 Yahoo! Japan : NHK交響楽団2021-22シーズン定期演奏会の概要決定!

12/17/2020 WTOC : Savannah Philharmonic 2021 Season Preview

12/08/2020 Connect Savannah : Savannah Philharmonic announces five new concerts happening in 2021

12/05/2020 毎日新聞:N響11月公演~若手指揮者でひと味違うN響の魅力が開花

11/29/2020 小田島久恵:原田慶太楼×N響(11/26)

11/28/2020 Takuo Ikeda:全て「アメリカ関係」で2プログラム、原田慶太楼の指揮でN響が完全燃焼した

11/10/2020 Screen Online:超人気!「ラ・ラ・ランド in コンサート」の再々演が決定!

11/10/2020 佐賀新聞:1月8日、さぎんニューイヤーコンサート

11/05/2020 Mikiki:三舩優子 × 堀越彰 × 神奈川フィルがデューク・エリントンの傑作をオーケストラで蘇らせる

11/02/2020 公益財団法人ソニー音楽財団:「MIKIMOTO 第64回 日本赤十字社 献血チャリティ・コンサート  New Year Concert 2021」を2021年1月23日に開催!

10/23/2020 毎日新聞:いま聴きたい躍進中の若手指揮者~N響&新日本フィルの11月公演から

10/14/2020 DO Savannah:Savannah Philharmonic continues Picnic in the Park tradition

10/13/2020 Connect Savannah:Picnic in the Park: Halloween Mask-A-Rade

10/09/2020 NHK World:Orchestrating a New Normal

10/07/2020 Yahoo!ニュース:NHK交響楽団11月公演

09/27/2020 ONTOMO:チェロ奏者・宮田大&指揮者・原田慶太楼~ライブ配信で変わる?クラシック音楽の未来

09/15/2020 毎日新聞:先月のピカイチ フェスタサマーミューザのフィナーレを華麗に飾った原田&東響

09/09/2020 Connect Savannah : Savannah Philharmonic prep a reimagined season

09/08/2020 League of American Orchestras THE HUB : Savannah Philharmonic to broadcast this year’s Picnic in the Park

09/06/2020 Savannah Morning News : With large-scale venue events out due to the pandemic, the Savannah Philharmonic takes to the squares

09/02/2020 サラサーテ 10月号 : 「Artist Interview」 

09/01/2020 Savannah Morning News : Savannah Philharmonic announces ‘re-imagined’ 2020-21 season schedule

09/01/2020 WTOC : Savannah Philharmonic announces plans for modified 2020 Picnic in the Park

08/19/2020 シエナ・ウインド・オーケストラ 第50回定期演奏会

08/19/2020 シエナ・ウインド・オーケストラ「新型コロナウイルス感染症対策検証試演会」

08/03/2020 CLASSICA JAPAN : 【音楽の喜びを分かち合うマエストロ、原田慶太楼──来春、東京交響楽団の正指揮者に就任】

08/03/2020 ぶらあぼ : シエナ・ウインド・オーケストラ感染症対策検証試演会開催 

07/29/2020 Do Savannah : Unplugged: Maestro Harada, Savannah Philharmonic look to innovate for new season

07/27/2020 ららら♪クラブ: 指揮者・原田慶太楼のこれまでとこれから

07/25/2020 Arizona Daily Star : Making music in a pandemic: Tucson conductors turn to tech to connect

07/24/2020 medici.tv : 人々の生きる都会のなかで- 原田慶太楼指揮読響のコープランドとハイドン

07/24/2020 毎日新聞:在京オーケストラの演奏会再開 ~原田慶太楼&読売日本交響楽団

07/13/2020 Savannah Philharmonic updates plans for its 2020/21 season

07/13/2020 読売日本交響楽団 : 明日14日、原田慶太楼が「軍隊」などを披露へ

07/10/2020 東京交響楽団正指揮者に原田慶太楼が就任

07/09/2020 MIN-ON第59号: 「コロナ以降のライブパフォーマンスに動き出した音楽業界」

07/03/2020 ストイカ7月号:「踊るコスモポリタン」指揮者原田慶太楼が無観客ライヴ

07/02/2020 読売新聞:音楽家と聴衆の対話空間に

06/20/2020 題名のない音楽会「ポップスをサックスで楽しむ音楽会」

06/17/2020 ららら♪クラブ : 指揮者の原田慶太楼が、ショルティ財団(US)よりキャリア支援賞を受賞!

06/10/2020 DO Savannah : Savannah Philharmonic weathers the pandemic with online options

05/19/2020 WTOC 11 : Savannah Philharmonic's 'Georgia on my Mind' (video)

05/15/2020 BRUTUS : クラシック音楽をはじめよう

05/13/2020 Yahoo Japan : 指揮者の原田慶太楼が、ショルティ財団(US)よりキャリア支援賞を受賞

05/06/2020 WRUU 107.5 Savannah : Interview with Keitaro Harada Part 2

04/28/2020 WRUU 107.5 Savannah : Interview with Keitaro Harada Part 1

04/08/2020 東京交響楽団 4月主催公演 中止ならびに延期のお知らせ

03/23/2020 NHK : イベント自粛 救いの手は?!

03/14/2020 iketaluhonpo : 原田慶太楼と金子三勇士の初共演モーツァルト、無観客公演&ストリーミングで

2/25/2020 Connect Savannah : Savannah Philharmonic announces 2020-21 season 

2/24/2020 Savannah Morning News : ‘This is our music’: Savannah Philharmonic introduces Keitaro Harada’s first season

02/18/2020 WTOC11 Morning Break [VIDEO] : New season of Savannah Philarhmonic just around the corner

02/10/2020 iketakuhonpo : 井上道義から原田慶太楼〜指揮者が描く「楽しい演奏会」とは何か?週末の思索

01/29/2020 Connect Savannah : Tango the evening away with Savannah Philharmonic - Keitaro Harada leads fundraiser at Victory North

01/28/2020 Broadway World : Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra to Launch Second CSO Proof Experience SINGULIS ET SIMUL

01/27/2020 Voix des Arts : [Review] Pagliacci

01/24/2020 Classical Voice of North Carolina : [Review] Pagliacci Still Has What It Takes

01/22/2020 Savannah Morning News : LISTEN: The Commute

01/19/2020 東京新聞:名作映画を生オケで シネマコンサート盛況

12/26/2019 毎日新聞 : 2019年、日本のオーケストラ界を振り返って

11/26/2019 Arizona Daily Star : TSO brings 'E.T.' to the big screen at Tucson Music Hall

11/26/2019 Arizona Daily Star : Tucson getting extra helping of conductor Harada

10/18/2019 音楽の友 2019年11月号

09/23/2019 Columbia Artists : Columbia Artists Welcomes Conductor Keitaro Harada

09/21/2019 Savannah Morning News : Savannah Philharmonic beckons in new era with a ‘Triple Treat’ (REVIEW)

09/19/2019 iketakuhonpo : 實川風・福間洸太朗・原田慶太楼コラボショパン「ピアノ協奏曲」に充実の午後

09/11/2019 GPB : Interview with Sarah Zaslaw | 'We Immediately Clicked': Meet New Savannah Philharmonic Conductor Keitaro Harada

09/11/2019 Savannah Connect : Savannah Philharmonic: new season, new beginnings 

09/10/2019 WTOC : Savannah Philharmonic’s Keitaro Harada and his wife Yuri Kurashima (video)

09/09/2019 Savannah Morning News : Savannah Philharmonic opens 11th season with a ‘Triple Treat’ and new maestro

08/21/2019 Savannah CEO : Savannah Philharmonic 2019-20 Season Opener

08/06/2019 飯尾洋一 : N響ほっとコンサート 世界ぐるっと名曲の旅

08/05/2019 いけたく本舗 : 原田慶太楼指揮NHK交響楽団

07/31/2019 Connect Savannah : Harada takes the reins at Savannah Philharmonic 

07/25/2019 Georgia Public Broadcasting : Savannah Philharmonic Orchestra Names New Artistic Director

07/25/2019 The Seattle Times : Savannah Philharmonic Orchestra names new artistic director

07/25/2019 Star Tribune : Savannah Philharmonic Orchestra names new artistic director

07/24/2019 Savannah Morning News : The baton passes: Savannah Philharmonic Orchestra names its second ever music and artist director

07/24/2019 WTOC : Savannah Philharmonic names new Music & Artistic Director

07/24/2019 FOX28 : Savannah Philharmonic names new music, artistic director

07/23/2019 Connect Savannah : Keitaro Harada set to take the baton at Savannah Philharmonic 

07/23/2019 New Music & Artistic Director of Savannah Philharmonic

07/17/2019 Houston Chronicle : Harry Potter makes magic with Houston Symphony

07/15/2019 伊熊よし子 : ブログ 原田慶太楼

06/25/2019 4barsrest : Tokyo hosts innovative cross continent composer link

06/08/2019 Gallipolis Daily Tribune : The symphony’s season

05/02/2019 Lexington Herald Leader : The next conductor of the Lexington Philharmonic is ... one of these people. Catch their tryouts.

03/12/2019 Savannah CEO : Savannah Philharmonic Announces Guest Conductor, Keitaro Harada, for Music Festival Co-production

03/09/2019 Bulgarian National Television : Софийската филхармония представя „Star Wars A New Hope In Concert“ в Китай

03/08/2019 Savannah Morning News : 2 additional music director candidates to lead Savannah Philharmonic through end of season

03/08/2019 原力燃爆全场!「星战」电影音乐会震撼首演,乐迷影迷星战迷一起过节!

02/21/2019 池田卓夫 : 原田慶太楼とパーヴォの年齢差、23歳

01/29/2019 Broadway World : Keitaro Harada Happily Travels Between Louisville and Cincinnati for Performances on February 2

01/25/2019 CVNC : N.C. Opera's Carmen Offers Satisfying Consistency and Musicality – And in Record Time! (Review)

Conductor Keitaro Harada, returning to the company after an eight-year hiatus, again proved his expert sense of rhythm and tempo, moving things along in a sprightly manner but allowing sensual and emotional moments to register fully, especially in the entr'actes to Acts II and III. The company's 46-piece orchestra responded vibrantly, including many fine instrumental solos and several rousing climaxes.


12/26/2018 City Beat : The Cincinnati Pops Orchestra Plays the Score of 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets' Live While the Film Screens at Music Hall

12/24/2018 The Enquirer : (Interview) Why 'Harry Potter' might be the next Cincinnati Christmas tradition

11/12/2018 Arizona Daily Star : UA alum Keitaro Harada to guest conduct with Tucson Symphony Orchestra

10/21/2018 音楽の友:コンサートレビュー大阪交響楽団


嶋田邦雄 | 音楽の友

10/05/2018 SPICE:ブルガリア国立歌劇場『カルメン』~歌唱・演奏・演出…全てが迫力満点の話題作、10.5開幕

10/04/2018 音楽の友:湯山玲子さんに教わる、オペラ《カルメン》の「ヤバすぎる」魅力

09/04/2018 カンフェティ:原田慶太楼が指揮するブルガリア国立歌劇場

08/31/2018 DDD ダンスダンスダンス すみだサマーコンサート2018

08/23/2018 読売新聞: 新演出「カルメン」気鋭の指揮

08/18/2018 ぶらあぼ: ブルガリア国立歌劇場の《カルメン》は、絶対に何かを感じていただける舞台です

07/08/2018 朝日新聞: PMF開幕 関連計画が多数

07/08/2018 北海道新聞: バーンスタインの心 継ぐ

06/21/2018 ぶらあぼ: 今年もバーンスタインと共にある音楽祭

06/18/2018 Tokyo FM: 横山幸雄ピアノでめぐり逢い 原田慶太楼さんをお迎えして 後編

06/11/2018 Tokyo FM: 横山幸雄ピアノでめぐり逢い 原田慶太楼さんをお迎えして 前編

05/28/2018 日本経済新聞

04/30/2018 Opera Wire: Leah Crocetto, Aleks Romano & Hei-Kyung Hong To Headline North Carolina Opera’s 2018-19 Season

Spring 2018 CityBeat: 2018 Best of Cincinnati Best Opera Adventure

03/23/2018 CLASSICA JAPAN クラシカ・ジャパン: ブルガリア国立歌劇場来日公演『カルメン』で指揮する原田慶太楼さんにインタビュー

03/12/2018 日本経済新聞: 楽譜も電子化時代の予感 音楽家と技術者共鳴

03/07/2018 Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Hello, weekend! The top 10 things to do list is glad to see you

03/02/2018 Cincinnati Business Courier: Cincinnati Pops will kick off 2018-19 season with Tony Award-winning star of 'Hamilton'

02/20/2018 MOSTLY CLASSIC モーストリー・クラシック: 原田慶太楼 指揮

02/08/2018 Memphis Flyer: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial in Concert at the Orpheum 

02/05/2018 San Francisco Classical Voice: Berkeley Symphony Pulls Off Dramatic Program of Saints and Sinners

Although his Symphonie fantastique was written just a few years after the death of Beethoven, Berlioz’s imagination resonates as timeless, arguably almost psychedelic, particularly in this piece. Harada and his orchestra appeared visibly delighted to be bringing this into play...
The sadness stays in the sound of the stand-alone oboe at the start of the “Scene in the Countryside,” and Harada confidently refrained from rushing any part of this pastoral movement, an homage to Beethoven’s Sixth...
The concluding “Witches’ Sabbath” was rendered marvelously macabre, all of the composer’s shades and effects magically and memorably delivered by Harada and his orchestral conspirators.


02/04/2018 San Francisco Chronicle: In the North Bay, the spineless are growing spines

01/30/2018 SFGate: Berkeley Symphony makes a temporary conductor swap

01/30/2018 The Murcury News: Pregnant Joana Carneiro can’t make it, but Berkeley Symphony concerts will go on

01/25/2018 WCPO 9: Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra premieres Covington Catholic student's winning composition [Video Interview]

01/24/2018 The River City News: Original Melody Chosen for Performance by Symphony

01/22/2018 Musical America Worldwide: Keitaro Harada to make debut with Four Orchestras

01/21/2018 SPICE: ブルガリア国立歌劇場日本公演『カルメン』を指揮、若きマエストロ 原田慶太楼に聞く


山田治生 | SPICE

01/21/2018 Broadway World: Keitaro Harada To Make Debut With Berkeley Symphony, Louisville Orchestra, Fort Worth Symphony, and Memphis Symphony

01/19/2018 音楽の友: ブルガリア国立歌劇場《カルメン》 プラーメン・カルターロフ&原田慶太楼

01/18/2018 Berkeley Symphony: Conductor Changes to Upcoming 17|18 Performances

12/29/2017 Janelle Gelfand: The best things I heard in 2017

12/27/2017 CityBeat: Renovated Halls Proved Successful in 2017

12/21/2017 音楽の友: 指揮者の原田慶太楼さんにお話をうかがいました

12/21/2017 Cincinnati Enquirer: 'Harry Potter': Movie's better than the book for one reason

12/19/2017 Dayton City Paper: The Symphonic Sounds of Hogwarts

10/29/2017 A closer view of the conductor Keitaro Harada


10/17/2017 в. Земя - Шедьовърът на Бизе "Кармен" с премиера в Операта

10/09/2017 Broadway World: Keitaro Harada Makes European Opera Conducting Debut Next Month Leading Carmen for Sophia Opera in Bulgaria

10/09/2017 La Gran Época: Estas madres intercambiaron notas en un restaurante para unir a sus hijos en una mágica historia de amor

10/05/2017 The Sofia Globe: ‘Carmen’ to premiere with Keitaro Harada at Sofia Opera

10/04/2017 Sofia Opera And Ballet: The Japanese Keitaro Harada will conduct the premiere of “Carmen” on 3 November at the Sofia Opera

09/24/2017 The New York Times: A Love Match, Orchestrated by the Moms

07/19/2017 Cincinnati Enquirer [Review]: Cincinnati Opera makes history with Missy Mazzoli's 'Song from the Uproar'

07/18/2017 Jay Harvey Upstage [Review]: Song from the Uproar

The performance was precisely led by Keitaro Harada.


07/12/2017 Cincinnati CityBeat: A Visionary Contemporary Opera

06/29/2017 The Union: Music in the Mountains orchestra concerts feature Russian works

05/22/2017 Charlotte Five: 5 things you need to know about this year’s Summer Pops

04/24/2017 South Bend Tribune [Review]: Symphony performs magical concert

Harada showed that he is a skilled sound-painter in the first three interludes: “Dawn,” “Sunday Morning” and “Moonlight.” In the fourth, “The Storm,” he was able to cut loose with a demonstration of raw power. The conductor didn’t neglect to bring out subtleties in the music, including an evocation of mist and sea-spray and even a few rays of sun trying to poke through the storm clouds. The core appeal of “The Storm,” however, is the ferocious, blasting tempest depicted with uncanny accuracy. Harada whipped the SBSO into a howling force of nature, providing the evening’s first heart-pounding thrills.


04/19/2017 The Charlotte Observer: Mark your calendars: The Charlotte Symphony just announced its Summer Pops concert schedule

04/18/2017 South Bend Tribune [Review]: Harada summoned and manipulated massive sounds with SBSO

04/13/2017 South Bend Tribune: Da-da-da dum...South Bend Symphony performs Beethoven's Fifth

04/09/2017 South Bend Tribune: Keitaro Harada conducts his audition concert with the South Bend Symphony Orchestra

11/13/2016 Idaho Statesman [Review]: Boise Philharmonic guest conductor Keitaro Harada shines with all-American program

From the moment guest conductor Keitaro Harada’s baton came down on the Boise Philharmonic Saturday night, you could feel the electricity in the air. It was going to be a special night... as a cheering crowd, multiple curtain calls and a packed after-party attest to, Harada will be hard to top.


11/10/2016 Idaho Statesman: Harada performs an all-American program with Gershwin, Grofé and Bernstein

11/5/2016 Arizona Daily Star [Review]: Conductor Harada thrills, energizes in TSO concert

For the final four or five minutes of the 35-minute performance, the whole orchestra seemed on the verge of leaping out of their seats and breaking into one giant dance party. Harada was at the podium, bouncing on the balls of his toes, flailing his arms in time to Bizet's racing score. The Cincinnati Symphony associate conductor, leading without a score, pointed to his left and the violins came to life.


10/23/2016 Charleston Gazette-Mail [Review]: Harada and Pompa-Baldi dazzle in performance with WV Symphony

Harada made the climaxes awe-inspiring. The audience gave the performance an extended standing ovation even though it was just the end of the first half of the concert.


10/16/2016 Charleston Gazette-Mail: Conductor candidate skipped family business for life in an orchestra

10/10/2016 Cincinnati Enquirer: Vanessa Williams, charming chanteuse

10/02/2016 South Bend Tribune: SBSO's search for a conductor moves to audition phase

09/03/2016 Weekly Jangle: 芸術の秋 原田慶太楼

08/12/2016 Idaho Statesman: Meet the seven candidates vying to lead the Boise Philharmonic

07/26/2016 Cincinnati Enquirer: Six things to know as World Piano turns 60

07/18/2016 読売新聞: 若手音楽家集い、芸術の森の木々に音色響く

07/16/2016 北海道新聞: PMF 若き調べ風に乗る 札幌で開幕

06/06/2016 Cincinnati Enquirer: More Lumenocity shows added

05/17/2016 Patrick D. McCoy: Solti Foundation Names Conductors Ankush Kumar Bahl and Keitaro Harada Among its Recipients

05/11/2016 Boise Philharmonic: Philharmonic Searches for New Music Director

05/10/2016 Broadway World: Cincinnati World Piano Competition to Present 60th Anniversary Concert at UC-CCM

05/09/2016 Cincinnati Enquirer: Cincinnati World Piano announces artists for 60th anniversary concert 

05/05/2016 Cincinnati Enquirer: Three local Conductors win Solti awards 

05/03/2016 The Solti Foundation U.S.Announces2016 Solti Foundation U.S. Career Assistance Awards

4/21/2016 The Boise Philharmonic launches its music director search with a season of guest conductors

04/08/2016 Charleston Gazette-Mail: WVSO announces new season, conductor finalists

04/08/2016 West Virginia MetroNews: WV Symphony narrows down conductor search, 6 finalists announced

04/08/2016 WVSO Announces 16-17 Season and Conductor Finalists

02/19/2016 Opera Today: Arizona Opera Presents an Interesting Carmen

Conductor Keitaro Harada gave a balanced reading of the score that had a lucidity of musical detail and a good helping of emotional tension. He gave every phrase its proper shape and drew especially fine playing from the orchestra in the delightful entr'acte that opens the third act.


02/18/2016 Arizona Daily Star: TSO delves into unchartered territory in 2016-17

02/17/2016 Cincinnati Enquirer: Went to the symphony and a wedding broke out

02/04/2016 WNDU: SB Symphony Orchestra selects 5 conductor finalists

02/04/2016 South Bend Tribune: Five candidates in the running to lead South Bend Symphony Orchestra 

02/02/2016 Arizona Daily Wildcat: Arizona Opera's production of "Carmen" sexy and real

The music was breathtaking with each note of the orchestra perfectly coordinated with the action on the stage. Each orchestral overture induced goosebumps in every audience member, and the playing helped set the stage for Carmen's dramatic and captivating story.


01/27/2016 Arizona Daily Star: Behind the scenes of 'Carmen' (VIDEO)

01/27/2016 Arizona Daily Star: Experiencing 'Carmen' from the best seat in the house

He possessed endless energy and confidence and an impressive sense of timing that resulted in one of the evening’s finest moments.


01/6/2016 Richmond Times Dispatch: Bartok, Beethoven and Beers: Richmond Symphony brews up new ways to broaden audience

2015年冬 日経GLOBAL GATE : スペシャルインタビュー

12/19/2015 Richmond Times Dispatch: Magic overcomes the jitters

He’s a supertalent. Catch all of his performances while he is in Richmond. You won’t be disappointed.


12/17/2015 Broadway World: Arizona Opera to Present CARMEN in 2016

11/05/2015 From The Top: Alumni Update

11/05/2015 Mercer University Alumni Award: Video Presentation (2.5minutes)

11/04/2015 Radio Interview: Arizona Public Media: Tucson Symphony Orchestra Extempore

10/27/2015 Mercer News: Inaugural Alumni Awards Dinner Recognizes Outstanding Mercerians During Homecoming Festivities

10/02/2015 CBS 6, WTVR-TV: Where Richmond Symphony is kicking off 2015-2016 Rush Hour Series

09/27/2015 Phoenix Magazine: From Sage to Stage

09/18/2015 音楽の友: シンシナティを拠点にさらなる高みへ



08/25/2015 Arizona Opera: Riders of the Purple Sage (world premiere)

05/27/2015 Current in Zionsville: Classics for everyone - the concerts you should see this summer

05/03/2015 The Telegraph: Rising star returns to Macon

04/20/2015 Cincinnati Enquirer: Keitaro Harada to join Cincinnati Symphony as associate conductor

04/19/2015 Arizona Daily Star: Review - Feel free to laugh at Arizona Opera's 'Daughter'

Everything about Arizona Opera’s production clicked, from the chorus, which never ceases to delight; to the orchestra, which sounded refreshingly alive under Harada, Arizona Opera’s associate conductor. Harada performed Donizetti’s delightful score with energy and charisma.


04/19/2015 The Violin Channel: Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Announce New Associate Conductor

04/16/2015 Musical America: People in the news

04/15/2015 Sierra Vista Herald: SV Symphony guest conductor Harada named Cincinnati Orchestra Associate Conductor

04/15/2015 Broadway World: Cincinnati Symphony Welcomes AZ Opera's Keitaro Harada as Associate Conductor

...fast-becoming one of the most talked-about young conductors in the U.S.

BROADWAY WORLD | ブロードウェイ・ワールド誌

04/14/2015 League of American Orchestras The Hub: Who's In

04/14/2015 Arizona Daily Star: Conductor Harada adds Cincinnati Symphony to resume

04/13/2015 Yahoo Japan: 新進気鋭の指揮者・原田慶太楼が、シンシナティ響のアソシエイトコンダクターに就任

04/13/2015 Opera Today: Arizona Opera Ends Season in Fine Style with Fille du Régiment

Right from the opening notes of the overture, the audience knew that conductor Keitaro Harada was putting his individual stamp on this piece. He combined Donizetti’s delightful melodies with dramatic musical coherence. His dynamic range was huge and he kept the playing transparent so that listeners heard all the melodic strands in the fabric of the score.


04/10/2015 Richmond Symphony: Keitaro Harada names Associate Conductor of Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

04/08/2015 Mercer News: Mercer Alumnus Kei Harada to Guest Conduct the Macon Symphony Orchestra April 25

03/13/2015 Broadway World: Arizona Opera to Close 2014-15 Season with THE DAUGHTER OF THE REGIMENT

01/27/2015 Broadway World: Violinist Wanzhen Li Heads Celebration of China Concert with RSO

01/26/2015 Broadway World: Arizona Opera's 2015-16 Season to Include ARIZONA LADY, FALSTAFF & More

01/11/2015 Arizona Daily Star: Review - Harada shines in TSO classical debut

Harada drew those lines subtly, racing the tempo at times to create a palpable tension then settling into lush string passages that created a cinematic soundscape.

Harada and the orchestra performed it with the breadth and conviction of a symphony, digging deep into his symphonic ambitions to reveal dynamic colors and textures from all sides of the ensemble. Harada brought out soaring strings swelling against triumphant horns and trumpets that pierced the calm. Deep voiced bass lines contrasted the calm of twin flutes and clarinets. Brahms might not have called this a symphony, but Harada presented it as one, drawing a rich, colorful performance from the orchestra.


01/08/2015 Arizona Daily Star: Conductor Harada returns to TSO for MasterWorks debut

12/31/2014 Sierra Vista Herald: And the Hessy goes to…

10/22/2014 Sierra Vista Herald: 20th symphony season hits platinum - Yang one powerful pianist

What is appreciated is conductor Keitaro Harada’s relationship with the orchestra players brought out the best in them.


10/15/2014 Sierra Vista Herald: Romancing the Rach 3

09/24/2014 Richmond.com: Richmond Symphony Covers ABBA

09/16/2014 Sierra Vista Herald: ‘Mouth-watering’ Orchestral Music Opens Symphony’s 20th Season

09/09/2014 BroadwayWorld.com: ABBA - The Music to Feature the Richmond Symphony Orchestra

07/15/2014 しながわ写真ニュース: 指揮者 原田慶太楼さんが 区役所を訪問

06/04/2014 Richmond Times-Dispatch: Richmond Symphony names new associate conductor

06/03/2014 Meet RSO's New Associate Conductor, Keitaro Harada

04/26/2014 Arizona Republic | Review: Arizona Opera's 'Don Pasquale'

ably and passionately conducted


04/07/2014 Solti Foundation conductor awards announced

03/29/2014 Arizona Republic: Young maestro Keitaro Harada takes career to next level

01/15/2014 KBACH 89.5fm: A Chat with Keitaro Harada

If you need something done, ask a busy person: If the old adage is true, the go-to on our local classical music scene would be Keitaro Harada


12/20/2013 University of Arizona: UA Alum Conducting Tucson Symphony Orchestra Holiday Concert This Weekend

10/31/2013 The Sierra Vista Herald: Brass steps up in symphony opening

10/23/2013 The Sierra Vista Herald: Harada, Lundy start symphony’s 19th season off in high style

10/22/2013 Oasis News オアシス・ニュース: 原田慶太楼氏指揮でフェニックス・ユース・シンフォニ演奏

09/20/2013 The Sierra Vista Herald: Celebration Sensation!

08/07/2013 The Sierra Vista Herald: 'Imagine' Symphony’s 19th season opens in October ... join in!

04/29/2013 Daily Herald: Guest conductor to work with young musicians

04/06/2013 Weekly Lalala: ロサンゼルスで暮らす人々 指揮者原田慶太楼

04/04/2013 Arizona Public Media: 'Music ... Language Without Words' (Video Documentary)

03/22/2013 League of American Orchestras symphonyNOW: Maestro Showcase

03/20/2013 The Sierra Vista Herald: Symphony’s ‘Thrilling Finale!' was just that

...pulled sounds from the orchestra rarely heard in most concerts.


03/13/2013 Florida Times Union: Young conductors work with Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra in national showcase

01/29/2013 League of American Orchestras: Keitaro Harada Chosen to Lead the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra at the League's 2013 Bruno Walter National Conductor Preview

10/29/2012 The Forecaster: Out & About: Jazz the focus of ‘American Songbook’ in Portland

one of the world’s most exciting up-and-coming young maestros.


10/12/2012 Arizona Daily Star: Tucson gets its freak on for TSO, Michael Jackson

Under Harada’s confident leadership, the orchestra filled in the sonic landscape of the ballads “Never Can Say Goodbye” and “Ben.” Harada coaxed sweeping string passages that changed the dynamic of the softly uptempo “Rock With You” and the rollicking, jazzy “The Way You Make Me Feel.” He was equally effective in the orchestra’s more subtle contributions to “Beat It” and “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’...


10/11/2012 Arizona Daily Star: TSO ready to rock in Jackson show

10/11/2012 Tucson Weekly: The King of Pop Goes Classical

06/13/2012 The Chestertown Spy: All Things Conducting: A Talk With National Music Festival Apprentices Diakun & Harada

03/23/2012 The Sierra Vista Herald: Love affair with Symphony rekindled

01/16/2012 OpusColorado: The Phoenix Youth Symphony and The Lamont Symphony give students a unique gift

12/05/2011 Arizona Daily Star: Phoenix Youth Symphony at UA

Harada, a conductor of growing talent and infectious showmanship, coaxed an informed, passionate and exciting performance from his musicians. ...He's bundle of energy at the podium, directing the musicians with technical proficiency and an unbridled passion.


12/01/2011 Arizona Daily Star: Youth orchestra from Phoenix may be the best you've heard

11/09/2011 School of Music at the University of Arizona: Phoenix Youth Symphony

07/29/2011 品川から世界へ羽ばたいた指揮者原田慶太楼さんが来庁


05/13/2011 News Observer: N.C. Opera’s ‘Turn of the Screw’ is a winner

...led a tightly sprung, supremely confident performance, moving inevitably along the work's strange pathways, including scenes accompanied only by timpani, bells or harp. The chamber orchestra filled Durham's Carolina Theatre with immensely impressive playing.


10/28/2010 The Sierra Vista Herald: Symphony provides magnificent matinee

10/16/2010 Living at the Opera: A Mexican Musical Celebration to Remember

Harada propelled the orchestra to interpret all of Danzón’s infectious, undulating music with all the passion inherent in a religious revival, bringing the packed house to its feet.


Oct. 2010 Opera News - Review: Ariadne auf Naxos Lenox, MA

Harada’s command of the score was total, from the uncommonly beautiful legato and sweep of the opening orchestral phrases, hinting at the inspired, ecstatic melodies created by the character known as the Composer, to the carefully controlled climaxes of the final duet, in which Ariadne and Bacchus join in uncomprehending ecstasy.


Fall 2010 University of Arizona Features Keitaro Harada: Impulsive Japanese Musician Earns Fame

Fall 2010 The Mercerian: Alumnus Featured on NPR’s ‘From the Top’

08/15/2010 Berkshire Fine Arts: Contemporary Music at Tanglewood

As Edwin Barker played on a podium next to the conductor, Keitaro Harada, who took brisk command of the proceedings, you felt for a moment that you were in a dark, smoke-filled basement, listening to a dude swing.


08/13/2010 The Boston Musical Intelligencer: TCMF One: Freeform, Fragmentary, Peculiar, Magical

08/07/2010 The Boston Musical Intelligencer: Ariadne auf Bali Ha’i in Tanglewood Fellows’ Marvelous Strauss Pacific

Harada was welcomed to the podium with a clatter of stamping feet from the orchestra, who played their hearts out for him and cheered him again at the end...this small instrumental force was credibly — indeed magically — magnified into a proper orchestra by conductor Keitaro Harada through perfect timing, dramatic dynamics, and unerring coordination of the musical stagecraft. Not a second was out of synch. Everything had that ineffable snap. There was never a dull moment!


07/15/2010 The Boston Musical Intelligencer: Mahler and the Transition to 20th Century Music at Tanglewood

...conducting was so engaged with each player in the Schubert Symphony No. 5 in B-flat that a quality of mutual delight in performing together pervaded this sunny, familiar work...Harada listens intently, leads with clarity and subtlety, and emits a thoughtful and appreciative musicality. The first movement was radiant, with clear lines and perfectly balanced contrapuntal voices...Harada’s conducting hands were as James Levine’s at his best: inviting, describing, and summoning with precision the emotions that underpinned the phrases.


07/13/2010 Arizona Daily Star: UA conducting fellow Harada conducts Schubert at Tanglewood

05/21/2010 Arizona Daily Star: UA Musicians off to play the world

03/17/2010 The Sierra Vista Herald: Symphony’s season finale a treat in many ways

06/05/2009 Arizona Daily Star: GREAT EXPECTATIONS

GREAT EXPECTATIONS...has the juice to make them reality...


02/06/2009 Arizona Daily Star: UA’s finest at President’s Concert

When we were looking for From the Top alumni to feature during our 10th-anniversary season, 25-year-old Keitaro Harada rose quickly to the top of the list.


vividly conducted


His style was highly expressive